Things To Come…

Hello All (I’m assuming at least three people might stumble across this page which means ALL)

This Blog is going to get started in a big way in 2012.  I will be updating it until then with information from Tony Pantalleresco’s web site to give you some good information to be getting on with.

I should introduce myself. My name is John Stephens and I have been interested in nutrition for around 10 years now, almost three years in a serious way. I found Tony Pantalleresco on YouTube and watched all of his video clips. I contacted Tony and have been talking and learning from him ever since.  Tony has been in the health industry for 30+ years and keeps surprising me with his depth of knowledge and he always seems to be ahead of the curve. The reason for this is because he has no agenda. He isn’t a paleo enthusiast (nothing wrong with that i love the paleo concept) and he is not a juicing fanatic, or a vegan or part of any other group that can be labeled, he just looks for the truth and he looks at the current research as well as some historical research (when research was carried out to find answers and not to find the answer that the pharmaceutical company sponsor would like to be found) and with that he gets tends to find the answers. No agenda, just truth.

Apart from the amazing knowledge Tony P has the one thing I admire from Tony is his pure work ethic and  morals. Tony has a Shop in his home town in Canada but he gives away  TONS of free information on You Tube (Search herbsplusbeadswork) and on his radio show on the  Micro Effect. (his show is called The Remedy)  Tony gives advice on how to use every day items to augment your health without expensive supplements.

I am still very much a student in my eyes but I have been around enough to have some great contacts and places for information on Health, nutrition and Longevity. I will bring you the best links and information from other blogs, news sites etc.

in 2012 Tony will be writing articles, posting his radio show notes, Giving you remedies Answering questions and telling you all the latest political news with regards to your health and your rights with regards to access to safe foods, water and supplements. You only have to look whats going on in the US with the demonization of raw milk to see that some thing is definitely wrong.

Any way, Lots to come so pop back and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Until Then I will be moving information from

About Health Axis

Searching for the truth in health and nutrition. Sharing information and ideas across the globe.
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