London – Selfridges Lead The Way In Health Freedom Fightback – Raw Milk Sold In Store

  Only in America in the middle of a financial crisis could the government agencies consider an investigation into raw milk a good idea. I mean lets forget the fact that  raw milk  (from organic raised, grass-fed animals) is a health boosting food which has been used for hundreds of years to not only nourish  but also to help cure (can we use this word still these days? ) certain conditions, and the fact that raw milk and your average store-bought milk are almost completely different thing, no, forget all that, the simple fact that a government could  allow people to smoke, drink alcohol and then spend millions investigating and then raiding –  WITH A SWAT TEAM – a  farmer for selling  UNCOOKED MILK to people who joined a private club to do so (shows you how highly some people hold raw milk) shows you that something either very stupid or very wrong is happening in the US!  If you have not heard read this link HERE

So I don’t think we get too much right these days especially with all this stupidity going on with the US Government spending millions of dollars investigating and raiding farmers for selling raw, unpasteurized milk but….Selfridges in London are leading the field with a bold step by allowing Hook and son raw milk farmers to sell direct from its store.

In the UK farmers can sell Raw milk direct to customers either from the farm or at farmers markets but not via a third-party. Although there is massive pressure from the very lucrative mainstream dairy  producers for this to be banned, Selfridges have seen that people want the choice to drink raw milk and they have found a  way to provide it.  H&S are a great company and started up a home delivery service for raw milk all over the UK which has been very  successful proving that people want their product AND proving it is safe.

I thank Selfridges for being bold and taking the initiative and I hope this shines a light on how ridiculous things have got in the US and even though there will be massive amounts of pressure to put a stop to whats happening, people need to support the cause and go to Selfridges and buy themselves some raw milk. I am going tomorrow afternoon, and call me sad but I am excited!  Read the breaking story   HERE

Selfridges Map  HERE

More information on Raw Milk a nd health  HERE

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