Weekly Health News Round Up – 10/02/12 (Posted late)


This  is the first blog for weekly round ups in the health and nutrition world. I will be bringing you  the best of the news headlines from the week as well as my top picks of other blogs and websites putting out useful information, as well as media such as youtube videos and pod casts.

so for the first week here goes :

Firstly I want to jump into something that everyone should know about and be aware of and that is GMO foods. Even if you’re not worried about the crap you put into your mouth, you really need to get a little educated on what some companies are trying to feed you and your children.  Here is a short youtube to fille you in on just what Genetically Modified Foods (GMO) are and how they are created :


It is unbelievable and when I tell you that almost all Soy and Corn products are GMO these days you know you must avoid these foods. The damage that these foods have been shown to cause is scary, the fact that we have no idea what the long-term effect will be should get you angry that these foods are being fed to us!

Here is a link to a trailer on you tube for a new film http://www.scientistsunderattack.com/

Now If you want to keep up to day with the latest in health politics, or find out the REAL news then take a look on facebook at Dr Peter Rouse who has a low tolerance thresh hold for government bulls**t  and he take a dislike to large financial corporations that make money from making us sick!!  Check out his Facebook here     http://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/profile.php?id=1708172500

Below are some interesting news stories from this week for you to check out.

Science Daily – Drug Quickly Reverses Alzheimer’s Symptoms in Mice

Natural News – FDA monopoly enforcement goes after Google for $500 million in online pharmacy ad profits

And for this week, as things have got a bit hectic that will be it.   This will be getting more regular here, with lots of new stories, information and hopefully some cheap deals on quality supplements.

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