Getting Back To It, and Site Migration!

Ok, So I am working to make this blog a priority for me to keep it updated and to get it to where is was always supposed to be, posting food for thought, but more importantly, helping people sift through the confusion world of nutrition and health! With  papers printing that this will give you cancer and that will cure cancer,  and then one radio show promoting veganism and another promoting 80% meat diet, no one knows what the hell to do any more. And My self and Mr Tony Pantalleresco want to help. Without bias.

Any how, thats not been the case. We have both been busy and this blog got loaded with a lot of Mr P’s info from his site and then not much more.. That is changing NOW!

Firstly, My site,  was hacked early this year and has been having problems ever since. Right now it looks like i’m in for a complete new install, which i am not happy about, but such is life. So for now, I will be posting interesting and Health news articles here weekly from various sites.  I read and follow many sites and there are a lot of good storied out there, but also a lot of rubbish. I’ll sift through and find you the good stuff. You still might get a little contradiction, but then health is not black and white. I wont be posting propaganda articles!

Tony Has been doing some great radio shows recently with some superb info so ill get the show notes up here very soon.

Thanks for checking in.

About Health Axis

Searching for the truth in health and nutrition. Sharing information and ideas across the globe.
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