About Us

Two Men – One Mission

 The aim of this blog is to bring people  from around the world together and discuss health, Share information and ideas on Nutrition, health and politics used to be the last thing on my mind but I think just about everyone these days has been effected by someone close to them that has suffered with a disease that might, just might have been helped had they paid attention to diet and nutrition.

 As more and more people wake up to the fact that the biggest killers of the civilised world are caused by environmental climate/diet and lifestyle choices, the orthodox medical community seem to be more removed than ever from the idea that nutrition has ANYTHING to do with health. This is ridiculous. 

 Add to all this the crazy world of politics and finance, where government agencies in the US are closing walnut farms for making claims to be heart healthy, Government agencies are spending millions of dollars investigating and then raiding (with a swat team) farmers for selling raw milk (this is all true just google it)  and in the UK our access to herbal products have already been mostly taken away under the cloak that they need to be regulated because there are oh so many people killed each year from taking their winter combination of Echinacea and Golden seal….right?  It all starts to look like a conspiracy.

 What ever is going on it isn’t good. People are sicker than ever.  Cancer will affect 1 in 2 people within a few years. Things need to change and change fast.

Tony Pantalleresco is a herbalist, alchemist mad hatter who has been in the health industry for around 30 years (I need to check this it might be longer, he is quite old)  and has seen it all. He also gives a lot of time and energy in fighting the good fight. He has no angle and follows no set rules he just searches for the truth amongst the mess, does his own research and seems to come up with the answers about 10 years before other ‘popular’ mainstream ‘alternative’ health sites.  This is why I wanted to do this project with Tony.  A genuine man looking for health and helping people get well.  Tony is in Canada and I am in London UK. This is the beginning of the Health Axis.

 I hope to persuade other people who I admire in this industry to join us and contribute in some way over time, to help build a huge world-wide network of people striving for health. I don’t care  if you don’t eat meat or only eat meat, if you cook or don’t cook your food. If you are looking for health, have an open mind and together we can strive to fight our way out of this mess we have got ourselves into.

  Join us, follow us and contribute on the blog and on the forum www.healaxis.co.uk


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