Why are they trying to take away our rights to health??


Data Attached Proves How Stupid This Is!

  There is allot going on right now in the world of health that you may not be aware of.  You may or may not have noticed but the European Governing bodies are trying to take away the right for people to have access to health and the war has already begun.  If things continue, you will not be able to go into a shop and buy some Vitamin C, Zinc or Echinacea when you feel a cold coming on.

 From April 2011 the EU brought in a new directive that meant a ban on around herbal 5000 supplements. You may not have noticed as shops were allowed to continue selling current stock.

  For the average person this will not have registered in their minds as the mainstream media is too busy reporting what the latest wanna-be celeb done last Tuesday night, or that Britney spears was seen in public with a spot on her chin! 

  So who cares? Well we all should. Stop and wonder why our access is being taken away. What ever the reason, and there are lots of reasons being banded about, it is not right. People are allowed to drink alcohol, a toxin, if they wish, and rightfully so. People can smoke if they wish, and, well, that’s up to them.  The government don’t mind you killing yourself as long as they make money on the way.  Want to take Natural herbal product like Echinacea and goldenseal? No no no. If companies want to make a health claim about a blended supplement, they have to prove it via multi phase clinical trials. At a cost of millions, just like the drug companies do. That sounds fair right? Wrong! Drugs are synthetic, and even with all the clinical trials they kill hundreds of thousands of people EVERY YEAR world wide! Read that bit again for dramatic effect and let that info sink in.

  And when a company has spent 100 million pound putting a drug through its paces, do you think they do it for their own peace of mind? No, they do it to make a profit. So that £100,000,000 needs to earned back in sales before a profit is made. Can you see how bad this is? Let’s say after 5 years of use and £30,000,000 earned back in sales, the drug company recognise some similar patterns being reports, something like heart attacks seemingly happening more often in people on that drug that’s being sold to treat diabetes. Is the company going to pull that drug out of circulation? Or is it going to keep on selling until some one officially makes them remove it, and provides solid science that the drug is causing heart attacks?  It becomes all about the money, they are a business after all. Never mind the potentially ten’s of thousands of people (or more) that are having heart attacks and dying. This is business after all. 

 So even if we forget all that, why are we not allowed to just go buy some herbs? Maybe some make claims that are untrue. OK, sure, that will always happen and this needs to be controlled. So how do you test if it’s untrue if you don’t have clinical trials? Well yes this is a hard one and not that easy to put right. You may never have a 100% effective method but there are ways of keeping people on the straight and narrow. The other argument and main reason for taking away our ability to purchase natural products (so they claim) is safety. So taking vitamins and minerals and herbs are dangerous right?

   There are of course circumstances where anything might be dangerous so some precautions should always be taken. But let’s take a look at data put together by the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) to see just how dangerous natural supplements are compared to other risks in life.

  The full article is on the link below:



 So what did we discover?  Some highlights from the data (in risk order – most risk to least) with my notes:

  •  Being in hospital – This is extremely dangerous to your health.
  • Smoking related Cancers – Are still a huge killer and it is baffling why people still smoke these days.  Each to their own.
  • Illicit drug use – is still rife. We know it’s not good for us and these risk stats reinforce that fact.
  • Pharmaceutical adverse drug reactions – happen far too often, large companies are profiting HUGELY and people are suffering
  • Alcohol related – risks are high. We need to encourage a culture of sensible drinking and prevent the need for people to get off their faces!
  • Farming actives – Even in this time of Health & safety madness, farming is not only a hard occupation but a dangerous one.
  • Heat wave – Surprising to me and will be surprising to people in Scotland but flashes of extreme temperatures can be deadly.
  • Traffic accidents are surprisingly low on the list considering how many cars are on the road now days.
  • Struck by Lightning – Now this is so ridiculous that it must be a joke? No? But we have not yet had the incredibly dangerous herbal supplements yet?
  • Herbal remedies – Aha!  So you are more at risk of being struck down by lightning that you are of Herbal remedies!!! I can see why the EU wants them taken away from us!
  • Food Supplements/vitamins/minerals – Need I say any more?

 Click Below to see the actual chart that will blow your mind when you look at the figures. 


So you see, You are more at risk just being in hospital, being a farmer, being caught out by a heat wave, driving or BEING STUCK BY LIGHTENING that you are at risk from taking Herbal Supplements. So why oh why is it being made so hard for us to get herbs?

 What ever the reason, we need to kick back. See the link below to the ANH and sign up and share their date. Face book, twitter, and blogs. We need to get behind this or you may need to pay for a prescription soon for your Vitamin C!



NOTE:  Stop Drug Companies Killing for Profits!!

Please take time to sign this petitition (It take s about 15 seconds) to help fight against GSK selling drugs that are KNOWN to cause heart attacks!


 Below is the information if you wish to pass on to your freinds

Stop Drug Companies Killing for Profits!

The profit-hungry drug company GlaxoSmithKline has been peddling a diabetes drug they knew was causing heart attacks without informing doctors or patients of the risk. Regulators in the EU knew about the dangers but failed to act fast enough, putting lives unnecessarily at risk. Previously, UK regulators knew about anti- depressants causing suicide but took over ten years to do anything about it. The same complacency is happening again with new anti-depressants and other drugs.
Earlier this month GSK pleaded guilty to criminal charges relating to anti-depressant and diabetes drug frauds and agreed to pay a $3 billion fine. That brings total fines against big pharma in the US in the last four years to almost $10 billion! But no fines in the UK or EU. Why do we put up with it?
A massive push from thousands of people right now will add to pressure from the media and force regulators to act faster and more decisively against dangerous drugs. As a citizen of the UK I need to know that my family and I are safe and that drug companies put patients before profits. But drug companies will only do the right thing if regulators force them.

Let’s join together in a gigantic outcry for the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulation Agency and EU’s European Medicines Agency to put safety first. Sign the petition!



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